Jewel cums again!

Jewel cums again!

Jewel cums again!

Most guys don’t expect to get seduced by their best friend’s grandmother. Peter certainly didn’t when he went over to her house to help her with some moving. But, then again, most grandmothers aren’t like Jewel.

Yes, Jewel, one of the greatest GILFs ever, the ultimate golden girl with her gray hair and low-key granny looks, is back. She’s 67 years old, and she looks great. She feels great, too. Jewel told us so. Peter told us that Jewel’s mouth and pussy felt great.

“You’ve grown up to be such a big strong man,” Jewel tells Peter, who’s 23 years old. “I pretty much helped raise you boys.”

She’s raising him in a different way now.

Jewel actually turned 68 just the other day, but she was a few days short of that when she shot this scene. She’s still married, still living in Charlotte, North Carolina, still living the good life. She says her family would still be surprised to see her here; she’s never been found out.

At the end of this scene, Jewel opens her mouth for Peter’s cum. Maybe that’s what’s been keeping her young.

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My, Grandma, what a nice mouth you have!

My, Grandma, what a nice mouth you have!

My, Grandma, what a nice mouth you have!

Born September 23, 1955, Honey Ray, an executive secretary from Florida, pulls the old, “send the granddaughter on an errand so you can seduce the boyfriend,” trick.

There are a few things about this video that we’d like to point out. The first is that Honey has really nice tits. She says she wears a C-cup bra, but we bet she’d fit better into a D-cup. And the second…

“I love to suck cock,” she said. “I just love how a hard cock feels in my mouth. I even like having a soft cock in my mouth and feeling it get harder as I suck. Sometimes I’ll suck a man’s cock for so long and I don’t even realize it, and then he’s cumming in my mouth and I’m thinking, ‘Damn! Now he can’t fuck me.’ Of course, I have ways of getting him ready again.”

We’re sure she does. Honey Ray is just more proof that mature women are better in bed than younger women. Honey Ray keeps getting better.

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Blaze of anal

Blaze of anal

Blaze of anal

“I feel particularly hot tonight,” says 44-year-old swinger Betty Blaze of California. “How about you?”

The guy doesn’t say anything. He just lets Betty run her hands all over his body. She’s wearing a sexy, low-cut top and a tight skirt that hugs her slender figure.

She says she’s going to tease him, but we know better, don’t we? We know that shortly after Betty teases her man, she pleases him.

So off comes her skirt. Her ass is shapely and sexy in a tiny thong. Betty lets her man have his way with her ass, spanking it and touching it, and she’s really going to let him have his way with her ass later on.

Yes, Betty is going to let him fuck that little ass.

Betty is flexible. She gets down and does a split then gets her legs all the way back on the couch so she can show him her pussy, pulling her panties aside to give us a nice view. Then she deep-throats him. Then she gets her legs all the way back again, feet behind her head, so he can fuck her ass. And then she opens her mouth for his cum.

Teaser and pleaser. And anal-sex expert. Betty told us so. Here, she proves it in one of the hottest scenes ever.

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The new hot mama has big tits and a well-fucked ass

The new hot mama has big tits and a well-fucked ass

The new hot mama has big tits and a well-fucked ass

She’s a 51-year-old blonde with a killer body and a fuck-me face. She’s Laura Layne. Laura calls herself Hotwife, and after you see her in action, you’ll agree. Laura became a swinger after she got divorced. She’s got a new husband who loves to see her having horny, nasty sex.

“I have worked in corporate America as a secretary and in a lot of non-profit work,” Laura said. “I tried the best I could to be a sexy secretary back then. My ex-husband was uptight about everything so I couldn’t be too sexy. But I think my sex appeal just kind of showed through no matter what.”

Laura is eager to show her ass to Rocky and the camera. She sucks his cock. He fucks her pussy and asshole. He cums on her asshole. She rubs it in.

“I have full-on sex at least three times a week,” Laura said. “There is some sort of sexual energy in my life daily.”

Is Laura into anal sex at home?

“Yes, hubby is an ass man. I like anal. My husband is obsessed with my ass.”

Can’t blame the man at all.

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A stiffie for Cheyanne

A stiffie for Cheyanne

A stiffie for Cheyanne

When this scene opens, 52-year-old first-timer Cheyanne is mixing Juan a drink. She’s wearing a halter top and jeans skirt, and you can tell by the look in her eyes that she has something else on her mind.

“That’s what I call a drink,” she says as she hands him the martini glass. “Take a sip and tell me how stiff it is.”

We don’t know how stiff the drink is, but Juan must be really stiff by this time. Cheyanne chugs down the martini quickly and declares, “I’m ready to party!” Before we know it, she’s all over Juan’s neck and cock, and she’s sitting on his lap and grinding her pussy into his cock. What comes next? Dick sucking. Pussy fucking. Cum all over Cheyanne’s face. You know. The usual. The kind of thing all 52-year-old mothers and grandmothers do…at least in our studio.

Cheyanne was born in Arkansas and lives in Oklahoma. She measures 36-24-35. She likes when her husband watches her having sex (or listens to her having sex when she’s on the phone with him). As you’re watching this, she might be watching it, too, with her hubby by her side. Or in her mouth. Probably in her mouth.

Cheyanne is the kind of woman who goes after what she wants. And these days, she wants cock.

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Rita Daniels, Sally D'Angelo and the Yogi

Rita Daniels, Sally D’Angelo and the Yogi

Rita Daniels, Sally D'Angelo and the Yogi

When Sally D’Angelo visited our studio for the first time, we knew right away that we had to get her and Rita Daniels together for a threesome. And here it is.

Sally is 59. Rita is 62. The age difference is immaterial. All that matters is that they’re two old fuck sluts who can’t get enough cock and cum. And away they go!

The girls share cock.

Rita gets fucked while Sally sits on her face.

Rita tongues Sally’s clit while Sally gets dicked from behind. The stud’s balls graze against Rita’s face. She’s fine with that.

Sally spreads her legs for a fucking. Rita licks her clit.

“It felt incredible!” Sally said.

The stud shoots his load. Who the hell knows how he didn’t do it sooner. The girls open their mouths for cum then share it.

Because sharing is caring.

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Can Rita's asshole survive Lucas's big, black cock?

Can Rita’s asshole survive Lucas’s big, black cock?

Can Rita's asshole survive Lucas's big, black cock?

“I’m back, and I’m taking black up the ass,” Rita Daniels says at the start of the scene. She also re-writes some classic song lyrics. We like Rita’s version better than the original, even though singing is not what we came here to see her do.

Rita gets down on her knees and wraps her red-lipsticked lips around his dick then goes deeper for a slurp, sloppy-sucking and plenty of attention to his balls. Hey, this is the cock that’s gonna fuck her ass, and Rita wants to make sure it’s ready. Rita sucking Lucas’s balls is one of the sluttiest things we’ve ever seen, then she returns to his cock and goes deeper and deeper, making sure we know she knows the camera is there, trying to gag on his fucking cock.

Of course, Lucas has fucked Rita’s pussy before, but this time, he fucks her pussy harder, using his dick as a battering ram on her 60something cunt. When ass-fucking time comes, Rita spreads her asshole wide, and Rita does her breathing exercises as Lucas slides in. Can she take it? Of course she can. And does Lucas take mercy on Rita’s asshole? No way! He fucks it hard then positions himself over her for a doggie-style ass-fucking.

“Give me some more,” Lucas says as he withdraws from Rita’s gaping asshole and she spreads her ass wide, her cunt gaping, too.

“Oh, I’m such a slut for you,” Rita says.

Rita, you’re a slut for everyone.

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BBC for the main course, a creampie for dessert

BBC for the main course, a creampie for dessert

BBC for the main course, a creampie for dessert

“One of my fantasies is finally coming true,” sexy, very slutty-looking 50-year-old Lucy Holland says at the start of this video. “I’m going to get a big, black cock today. I can’t wait to wrap my lips around that thing. I am so hot just thinking about it. And then, I’m going to have a very special dessert afterwards.”

Dessert? Lucy’s cunt is going to serve up a creampie, and we’re going to watch it drip out of her. But first, Lucy is going to sloppily suck Lucas Stone’s cock, getting her thick saliva all over it so it’ll slide easier into her pussy. And then, Lucy is going to get her pussy pounded in numerous positions.

Lucy is looking great. She’s wearing pink and black bra and panties with matching garter and stockings. She has a tattoo on her left breast, another tattoo on her right ass cheek, and they just add to her slutty look. We like her floppy tits, too. They look nice when she bends over and has Lucas jiggle them.

Hey, but we’re giving away the plot! By the way, back home in Georgia, Lucy has a husband and two teenage children. Just thought you might like to know.

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The 61-year-old first-timer and the 25-year-old

The 61-year-old first-timer and the 25-year-old

The 61-year-old first-timer and the 25-year-old

It’s a facial for 61-year-old Sydni Lane in her first hardcore video. Congratulations, Sydni! You’ve made the journey from hot 60something to hot fucking 60something, and we’re glad you chose us for the journey.

“I’m having a great time,” Sydni said. “This is even more fun than I thought it would be.”

Sydni, who has never been married, is a fun-loving woman. She enjoys figure skating and ballroom dancing. She likes going to art galleries and museums and working out. She usually doesn’t wear panties, “but when I do, they’re crotchless.” She’s a swinger. She’s a nudist. And now, she’s a porn star!

More about Sydni: She lives in South Florida. She found us through a friend who is very familiar with She likes sex in the morning and sex at night, sandwiched around, maybe, a trip to the gym and the beach. She’s a massage therapist and colon hydrotherapist, and if you know what that is, your mind is probably racing all over the place right now.

The guy she’s having sex with in these photos is 25 years old. As we said, she’s 61. For Sydni, that’s a record age difference. You’ll notice that Johnny is rock-hard. Wouldn’t you be?


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Charlie fucks her son's soccer coach

Charlie fucks her son’s soccer coach

Charlie fucks her son's soccer coach

She had been sitting in the bleachers for months, trying to watch her son’s soccer games, even though her eyes kept wandering to the coach. They weren’t wandering to Coach’s faces. They were wandering to the bulge in his pants.

“He looked like he was hung like a horse, and I really wanted to find out,” 40-year-old divorcee Charlie said. So, one day, she took action.

What did she do? She faked an injury in order to get into Coach’s pants. Here, she gives Coach a sloppy BJ and, after fucking him in several positions, takes his load on her face.

So, to make a long story short, Charlie got her cock, Coach got Charlie’s pussy and Charlie’s son is now the starting midfielder even though he can’t play worth a lick.

Good thing his mom is good at licking.


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Cum for Karma

Cum for Karma

Cum for Karma

SPOILER ALERT! Karma Karson, a 46-year-old divorcee from Las Vegas, is not a cum dodger. That becomes obvious when Jovan Jordan shoots a giant load–this guy empties his balls and then some, as if he’d been saving up for weeks–all over Karma’s face. It gets in her hair. It gets in her eyes. It drips from her nose and chin. But Karma doesn’t duck. She opens her mouth for more cum. By the time this scene fades to black, Karma is glazed.

Glad you liked her, Jovan. And you’re welcome.

In this scene, Karma is a realtor. She’s showing Jovan an apartment in Miami Beach. He likes the view, but the view is better down the front of her jacket, as he notices very quickly.

Karma takes him upstairs to see the bedroom.

“See anything you like?” she asks as she sits on the bed and starts to unbutton her jacket.

This might not be a great way to sell houses, but it’s a great way to get laid.

Karma has two grown children. She’s a webcam model. We asked her about her kinkiest sexual encounter, and she said, “This trip to Miami.”

Yep. Fucking on-camera for all the world to see is not something a person does every day.

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Room 32G

Room 32G

Room 32G

Room 32G of the Builtwell Hotel is where you’ll find Merilyn. Guess what’s going on in there? You have a key. Take a look.

“Once in a long time, someone like Merilyn cums along and SCORE finds them for guys like me to enjoy. Merilyn tops all of them.-M.V.”

“Merilyn: Flowing hair, alluring eyes, beautiful facial features, pouty lips, sexy neckline, small waist, flat stomach, knock-out ass, gorgeous legs and huge natural boobs. I could go on for days. She is absolutely the best.-D.S.”

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Long-Nippled 50something Tugs And Sucks

Long-Nippled 50something Tugs And Sucks

Long-Nippled 50something Tugs And Sucks

Looking everyday sexy in a top she could just as well wear to go out shopping, along with a pair of tight jeans, 50-year-old first-timer Jenna Covelli goes deep on a hard cock and gets rewarded with an uber-messy facial for her efforts. Jenna is a divorced mother of two who was born in Oakland, California and lives in Palm Springs, and when we told her she had an L.A. face with an Oakland booty, she didn’t know what we were talking about.

“Is that good?” she asked.

It’s very good, we answered.

Jenna was working in corporate sales for 15 years before she decided to quit her day job and become a porn star. We’re guessing she’ll be very successful.

“I’m doing something I love,” Jenna said. “Something I should have done a long time ago. I’m very sexual.”

Jenna isn’t a swinger (although she has been to some parties), but she is very active sexually and physically (she loves working out and exercising). In fact, after a day of sucking cock in our studio, she headed down the street to the local Cross-Fit and enjoyed a rigorous one-hour workout.

“I kept thinking, ‘Do these people know what I just did?'” Jenna said.

Probably not, but Jenna knew, and she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

By the way, while you’re looking at these photos and the video, pay attention to Jenna’s nipples.

“They’re three quarters of an inch long,” Jenna said. “I measured them myself.”

She says they don’t get longer when she’s turned on. Although maybe they do.

“I’m always turned on,” Jenna said.

Glad she quit that day job!

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Tony does Dallas, Dallas does anal

Tony does Dallas, Dallas does anal

Tony does Dallas, Dallas does anal

As she prepared to do her first anal scene for, 56-year-old Dallas Matthews said, “I’m looking forward to it. My boyfriend has a big cock, so when we’re having anal sex, it can take a while to get started, but we have fun with it.”

Here, Dallas gets things started by having Tony eat her pussy in a variety of positions. That gets her ass and pussy nicely lubed. She gets Tony ready by sucking his big cock. Then Tony fucks her pussy. Then he fucks her ass. And he tops things off by cumming all over Dallas’ pretty face.

Dallas was discovered by 60Plus MILF Madison Milstar, and now she and Madison have another thing in common: They both got ass-fucked on-camera.

Dallas is from Washington. She’d never modeled before she came to our studio, although she certainly could have with her beautiful face and smokin’ body.

“When I was in my 20s, I was approached by a division of Elaine Ford, the modeling agency, but they were just super-snotty and stuck up,” Dallas said. “Every girl wants to do modeling, but I think there’s more to the word than actually doing it. I’m a down-to-earth person. I’m a farm girl. I drive tractors, ride horses. I’m a nature girl, very respectful, and modeling didn’t appear to be the kind of place where I fit in.”

She fits in here, and Tony’s cock fit in her ass very well.

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