Merilyn Sakova – Merilyn Speaks!

Merilyn Speaks!

Merilyn Speaks!

Fire the cannon! A momentous occasion! Finally, we get to hear Merilyn speak! As you know, Merilyn’s videos tend to be shot without sound, and music is overlaid during the editing. Seeing Merilyn in her tub is a beautiful sight. Listening to Merilyn talk is a very exciting event. It’s not the Queen’s English but she is adorable to listen to. One of Merilyn’s comments seems to mean that her English teacher has told her to wear panties at all times. Or something like that! Clearly this teacher is not a SCORE reader. Merilyn thinks her boobs weigh four kilos which would be eight pounds! The cameraman speaking to Merilyn is British, by the way. The second male voice speaking to her at the end of the video is an interpreter who assists us.

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Cassie Cougar – Secretary's Lunch Hour

Secretary’s Lunch Hour

Secretary's Lunch Hour

The boss’s secretary does a lot more than take dictation and bend over a lot to pick up dropped pencils. What do you expect hiring a secretary named Cassie Cougar? Cassie spends her lunch break gobbling the boss’s bone. JMac’s rod was a challenge for her. Cassie gladly took it on.

“It’s ridiculously big,” said Cassie. “And I don’t have experience with big cocks. My guys have been fairly normal and average. It’s a challenge for me. It’s a little scary. And he did comment that I was small. Apparently I’m not equipped to handle the larger ones.”

Cassie took it well.

MILF Cassie was a secretary before she decided to take the dive into the hot modeling pool.

“I never did anything at this level before,” she said. “My web cam is solo only, so it’s just me and my toys. I did an amateur video with an old boyfriend, but the camera was on a tripod and there wasn’t really a whole lot happening.”

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Georgina – Jack talk with Georgina

Jack talk with Georgina

Jack talk with Georgina

Georgina is a 47-year-old businesswoman from England who is going to talk you through your jack session today. The woman isn’t shy. She’s definitely not afraid of the camera. She obviously loves to show off. She handles her dildo like she has a lot of experience with it, which she does.

“I use it all the time when I don’t have a man around, which is most of the time,” she said. “I’m just too busy. There’s no substitute for a real man, but this just has to do sometimes.”

Don’t sweat it, Georgina. Sometimes we have to fly solo, too. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.

“The idea to do this came from one of my blue-collar lovers, the bloke who came to fix the leak under my master bathroom sink. He was big and hunky and I absolutely threw myself at him. He resisted at first, but I wouldn’t take no for an answer. And he couldn’t say no once his willy was in my mouth! Anyway, we had a bit of fun for a few weeks and he suggested I would be perfect for 40Something.”

Smart bloke.

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Ciara – Ciara's fantasy cums true

Ciara’s fantasy cums true

Ciara's fantasy cums true

As Ciara was shooting this scene, sucking and fucking a total stranger’s cock, her hubby was home in Atlanta, Georgia, wondering what his wife was doing, knowing she was doing something most wives don’t do and that she was enjoying it. Because Ciara, 49, had wanted to do this for a long time, but her hubby? He wasn’t so sure he wanted to turn his wife loose. But you know what they say: You can’t keep a horny woman down.

“I’ve never done a video before,” Ciara tells us in the opener, “but I’ve had a lot of sex before, and if you stick around, you’ll get to see me have hard, passionate, raw, wonderful sex.”

Ciara sucks cock while having her pussy fingered and barks out orders, something she says she always does at home.

“Stick that cock in my pussy,” Ciara demands. “That feels so fucking good!”

She gets fucked in a variety of positions then takes a load of cum on her very nice tits. She seems almost grateful! But can her marriage of 20 years survive this? How will her hubby deal with his wife’s sudden ascension to porn stardom?

“He’ll be fine,” Ciara said. “After I fuck him.”

These MILFs always get their way.

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Rockell – Once A Hooters Girl…

Once A Hooters Girl…

Once A Hooters Girl...

Rockell used to be a Hooters waitress before she became a model. If she ever wanted to go back to it, she could take her pick of places. A lot of new “breastaurants” have popped up (and out) in recent times. Rockell once talked about working for Hooters for about a year.

“I worked at Hooters, and obviously I filled out the requirements very well and the tips were very good,” Rockell told us in a SCORELAND video chat called “Rockin’ The House.”

“I was actually in the restaurant on Christmas Day eating with a friend. I was dressed cute, but my boobs weren’t out. I had on a sweater because it was cold. My waitress was a very beautiful Hooters girl and she was like, ‘Would you like to work here?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, why not? Of course.’ So she went and got the manager and he hired me on the spot and I was a Hooters girl.”

Knowing Rockell was a Hooters Girl, our studio did their version of a breasturant waitress.

“I actually love cosplay,” said Rockell. “I have a naughty maid costume somewhere around the house. I like to wear it when I clean. Super fun and sexy play time! My favorite outfit I have is my school girl. Who doesn’t love a super cute innocent blonde in dress-up? Don’t forget the pigtails!”

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Tiggle Bitties – Tiggle Reads Reader Requests

Tiggle Reads Reader Requests

Tiggle Reads Reader Requests

Tiggle Bitties. The curvy brunette has a pair that could never be called bitties in a billion years. In this pictorial/video, Tiggle reviews SCORELAND member requests and suggestions, then chooses one idea and jumps on the bed to play it out.

Tiggle’s previous shoot was all about the student body in a coed scene. Here, it’s all about the lingerie, at least in the beginning. Says Tiggle, “I’m definitely a lingerie girl, but they’re expensive so I can’t get many pieces. I love big lace bras, but I also love wearing corsets under my breasts because it makes a really nice line. And garter belts and stockings. I love that.”

Tiggle needs a 32MM bra to contain those giant golden globes. It’s no easy job for SCORE and V-mag girls to find and buy hooter holsters to harness hangers that size.

“Mostly I shop online, but recently I went to Portland and found a great shop. When I walked in, the woman looked at me and said, ‘Oh, honey!’ and she just took me around the store and took bras off the shelf.”

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Cassidy – The plumber plunders Cassidy's ass

The plumber plunders Cassidy’s ass

The plumber plunders Cassidy's ass

This was the first scene for Cassidy, a 47-year-old divorcee from Las Vegas by way of Philadelphia, and it’s a good one. Cassidy is only 4’11”, 92 pounds, but she has cushy tits and a soft, round ass that she loves filling with cock. In other words, she’s big in all the right places.

“One of the reasons I decided to pose is because I’m hoping one of your well-hung studs wants to fuck my ass,” Cassidy said.

Hey, no problem, Cassidy. This scene plays out one of the oldest porn tricks in the book (hot MILF fucks the plumber), and Cassidy takes it to another level with her filthy mouth.

“Oh, your finger feels so good in my ass and your cock feels so good in my pussy,” she says, tits jiggling as her cunt gets drilled. “Get that finger all the way up my ass and fuck that pussy,” she says as the dude primes her ass for cock. “You gonna fuck my ass, baby?” she asks. “Your finger really helps open my ass, baby.” And then, when the cock is deep inside her forbidden zone, she moans, “Oh, fuck that asshole.”

Short ‘n’ stacked Cassidy is a proud member of the Mile-High Club and has also fucked in the rest room of a restaurant a bunch of times. She likes to cum by rubbing her clit on a pillow, “and sometimes I’ll stick something in my ass at the same time.” So anal isn’t something she does solely to please her man. She enjoys it, too.

“I like the tightness,” Cassidy said. “I like the pressure. And, of course, I like that I’m an old slut who’s getting fucked in my ass!”

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Merilyn Sakova – Tiger



What breast-men say about the incredible Merilyn: “Merilyn has all the goods from the top of her head all the way down to the tip of her toes.”-Chris. “How in God’s name did you guys ever manage to find such a lovely beauty?”-David. “The best ever discovery among a field of great discoveries, with all due respect to the big names before her. That’s my opinion.”-Rick.

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Mischel Lee – Spitters Ain't Always Quitters

Spitters Ain’t Always Quitters

Spitters Ain't Always Quitters

Funny how a cup of coffee can lead to a couple coupling on the kitchen floor. Steve is chock full of nut-juice and the ever-sexy Mischel Lee wants some of that, just not in her coffee. She’ll take it straight in her mouth. Mischel did say she’s a spitter but the way she does it is good and nasty.

This petite, busty and bushy brunette loves getting and giving head, had sex once in an airplane and didn’t get caught, favors spooning, missionary and cow girl and pierced her pussy lips for his and her pleasure.

Mischel says she only has sex once or twice a week. That doesn’t sound like much for a girl who made her boobs bigger to attract horny dudes and does very hot fuck shoots for SCORE. If the guys she meets are as horny about her bush as many of the SCORE guys are, Mischel must be very, very popular. Shelby Gibson, herself a SCORELAND member, commented on one of Mischel’s solo postings, “OMG, a short, slim and stacked brunette with upsized implants and a nice hairy bush. She is gorgeous! I would love a threesome with her!” A better endorsement a millionaire’s money can’t buy.

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Nicky Ferrari – Nicky Ferrari comes to

Nicky Ferrari comes to

Nicky Ferrari comes to

Nicky Ferrari is a MILF. She’s a mom. She has two sons.

She’s also a porn star.

For many of us, that’s the perfect combination. Let’s face it: Mature women are better when they’re moms. It’s good to know that they’re someone’s mother and they’re fucking on-camera for all the world to see. And, for some reason, it’s better when they have sons, not daughters. That’s because guys don’t say to women, “Your mother is hot,” but they do say it to guys. They might get the shit kicked out of them for saying it, but they say it anyway.

So, Nicky is a hot mom who was born in Mexico and now lives in Southern California. She’s 46 years old. She’s 5’4″, 128 pounds with DD-cup tits. And when we asked her what kind of guys she likes, she said, “All guys.”

So that includes you.

She dresses sexy when she goes out because “I want all the guys looking st me.” And, yet, the people who know her best would be surprised to see her fucking on-camera because they don’t know about her secret life.

By the way, the guy she’s fucking in this scene is 25 years old. Young enough to be her son.

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Carolyn Khols – Carolyn Khols and a cuntful of cum

Carolyn Khols and a cuntful of cum

Carolyn Khols and a cuntful of cum

When this scene opens, Lucas is on the phone with his girlfriend and telling her not to hurry home. He’s going to hang out with his buddies. Buddies, eh? No sooner does he hang up with his girl than he’s on the phone with the local body rub parlor, asking for the “one-hour special.” Enter Carolyn Khols, who’s wearing a very short skirt and very quickly offering him extras.

“You are so tense,” 55-year-old Carolyn says. “It’s a good thing you called me today. I might have something else that you may enjoy.”

She stands over him so he can look up her skirt, and Lucas lifts her skirt and starts playing with her pussy. Before we know it, Carolyn’s sucking his cock and Lucas is stuffing her pussy full of his meat, and then he’s cumming inside her pussy.

A few short months ago, Carolyn was new to this hardcore thing. She’s a quick learner.

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Juliana Simms – Ride With Juliana

Ride With Juliana

Ride With Juliana

Take a spin in the SCORE-mobile with Juliana Simms in this Bonus video. Our cam is planted firmly on the dashboard, framing Juliana and her low-cut top. Because who gives a damn about the countryside? Our photographer doesn’t drive for Uber. He drives for Boober.

“I drive and I always have problems with my seat belt. It’s just not comfortable. They don’t make comfortable seat belts for girls with big boobs like mine,” says Juliana. “I always joke with policemen if I am alongside them in traffic.” We’re sure the cops enjoy that, Juliana.

After she’s dropped off, Juliana tips the Boober driver with a flash of her headlights. That’s better than cash.

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Juliana Simms – The Office: <i>SCORE</i> style

The Office: SCORE style

<img alt="The Office: SCORE style” title=”The Office: SCORE style” src=”” />

The high-pressure day of a businesswoman is stressful and that pressure has to be released before it builds up too much steam. Juliana Simms finds a way during a twenty minute break she has before another damn meeting. We talked to Juliana after she left the office for the day.

SCORE: Juliana, what attracted you to nude modeling?

Juliana: I was told about SCORE Group and I thought my body was just right for this kind of modeling.

SCORE: Is there anything we should know about you that we don’t know?

Juliana: I think that you know all by this time.

SCORE: What clothing do you think you look sexiest in?

Juliana: I think I look sexiest in a dress. Maybe men have other ideas.

SCORE: Do you wear skimpy bikinis when you go to vacation resorts?

Juliana: Always. Very sexy bikinis and swimsuits.

SCORE: What makes your nipples hard?

Juliana: A tongue licking them makes them very hard.

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Amanda Verhooks – Amanda Verhooks, black cock ass slut

Amanda Verhooks, black cock ass slut

Amanda Verhooks, black cock ass slut

“Suck on those big nipples!” 51-year-old Amanda Verhooks tells her guy at the start of this scene. “Suck ’em good!”

This hard-bodied little fuck toy is wearing stockings, heels and a corset. She gets on all fours and models her pussy and asshole for Jax Black.

“This slut is gonna get it,” she says. “I’m a fuckin’ tramp.”

Hey, if she says so.

“My mouth is hungry,” she says.

So Jax feeds her his cock and she eagerly swallows it. He also face-fucks her, and she sucks his balls. Then he fucks her pussy and she works her pussy hard on his dick.

“Now put it in my ass,” she says. “Turn me into a complete little ass slut.”

So he does. Amanda even goes the extra mile by sucking the cock after it comes out of her ass. This might sound extra filthy, but it’s perfectly sanitary. Amanda has a very clean, tight ass, and she gave herself an enema before the scene. But still, how many women suck the cock that just came out of her ass?

Finally, after more ass-fucking, Jax cums all over her face. She opens her mouth for the cum then sucks what’s left off the head of his dick.

Amanda used to be a stripper. Now she’s fucking on-camera and doing it very well. Do you want her to be your little ass slut?

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Kayla Kleevage Dancing For My Big Black Cock

Kayla Kleevage Dancing For My Big Black Cock

What more can I say about Jody Breeze. He has a nice powerful muscular body, great personality, huge rock hard cock and he always produces a thick wad of sperm for me. I could worship his big black cock and balls all day long! This is one of my favorite scenes with Jody so I've decided to up load all the footage from the shoot that day. He absolutely drives me wild when he looks me in the eyes as he grunts his load deep inside of me. You'll be seeing a lot of Jody here at Why you might ask? Because Kayla loves the way he fucks! That's why. I have masturbated to this video 10 or 12 times already and hopefully you will too. Enjoy. Love Kayla

Kayla Kleevage @
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Kayla Kleevage and Byron Long

Kayla Kleevage and Byron Long

Byron Long is a great guy and long time friend. We have done 4 scenes together so far. This one is actually a scene my company shot for The Score Group. Byron has the huge black cock that I love so much but where he stands apart from the other big black cock guys is in the pussy eating arena. He just knows how to rub my G-spot and lick my clit at the same time and it drives me crazy! Anyway once again when I was in LA I called Byron up to see if he wanted to come over. He showed up in record time and got right down to business licking my cunt and fucking me real good in all my holes. I spent lots of time on my knees sucking and worshiping his beautiful cock and licking his balls. Once he had his fill of using my body for his own sexual gratification he rewarded me by shooting his load in my mouth and on my face! He told me that he really enjoyed my tight ass hole and that made me feel special. I knew he'd be back for more. I must admit that I was looking pretty good in this video with the great Hollywood make up! Plus I was a few years younger too. Great video with me having two very real orgasms. Enjoy everyone. Jerk out a big load for your favorite BBC whore. Love Kayla

Kayla Kleevage @
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First Time Kayla Kleevage With Shane Diesel

First Time Kayla Kleevage With Shane Diesel

This video is significant to me personally because this is the very first time Shane Diesel fucked me. I already knew that the thought of being fucked by black men really excited me sexually but just the shear size and girth of his big black cock scared me a little bit! I didn't think I could handle his giant black anaconda but I was sure gonna do my best to take him all the way to his balls. All I can say is that he must have broke me in right because now I am addicted to all big black cock! Shane is a real cunt and ass hole stretcher:) Enjoy. Love Kayla

Kayla Kleevage @
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Brianna Wildman – Dick dancing

Dick dancing

Dick dancing

Brianna Wildman, a 40-year-old swinger, from Las Vegas has names for her tits. The left is Frisky and the right is Friendly. She has a tight, slim body that’s in excellent shape with not a pound of fat on her. She’s a dance instructor. She’s a mature chick who has “slut” written all over her. Her face looks like it was meant to be fucked, her pussy like it was meant to be stretched by a cock.

“I’ve actually had men come up to me and say, ‘You look like you need a good fuck,'” Brianna said. “That line never works, although it definitely gets me thinking.”

It just goes to show ya, even a chick like Brianna needs to be treated with a little respect once in a while…before you slam her cunt and jizz her face.

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