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Can’t Wait To Cum


Veronica is so horny she starts rubbing her pussy and tits while in the yard. She can’t even wait till she gets inside. She comes to her senses and realizes it’d be more comfortable to lay down so she can really work her pussy.

This isn’t the only time she’s gotten freaky in a semi-public place.

“I lost my virginity in the high school wrestling room at lunch. The crazy thing is that there are security cameras everywhere in the school, so I’m sure we were being watched! I’m so happy we didn’t get busted halfway through! I’d be so pissed if I wasn’t able to finish.”

Once inside, she gets to work on her body. And what a hot body it is. Perky tits. Tiny waist. Round booty. And of course, a tight, wet pussy that’s eager for action. She doesn’t have to worry about being interrupted here–we want her to finish.

Date: July 8, 2020