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Dropping Loads On Kayla Stream


In this classic 18eighteen scene from our archive, Nick hammers coy and slinky teen Kayla Stream with sex questions before he hammers the sexy teen with his meat-drill.

After handing her a lollipop shaped like a cock, a sign of things to cum, Nick wants to know how many guys she’s fucked. How many threesomes she’s had. All the little secrets that girls have. He wants to see her cheerleading moves. Then he gives her a toy to suck on and stick in her pussy while she gets into hot, flexible poses. She is super-limber and can get into the wildest, most-agile positions.

Once she’s warmed up, Nick has Kayla start sucking his cock. He pounds her in as many horny flexible positions as they can think of, and Kayla can take it all because she is so limber. Nick really slams in to her like a maniac and ends with his patented “I’m droppin’ loads!” speech, covering Kayla with enough goo to stock a sperm bank. She really is a flexible fuck.

Date: July 21, 2020