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From the 18eighteen Archives: Haylee


This classic 18eighteen scene originally appeared in 18eighteen Xtra 3.

It’s easy to see why this scene has stood the test of time. Haylee is hot, and she’s horny as fuck.

“So cable man, how big is your cable?” she asks. Haylee is very forward.

The cable man happens to be none other than Ramon Monster Cock, and Haylee soon finds out that he has a very large cable.

Haylee is a tiny girl. She has a slim, athletic body and perky, little tits. How is she going to take that Monster Cock?

Like a champ. It doesn’t make sense, but we won’t question it. All we know is that tiny Haylee gets stretched to the max and filled to the rim.

Another job well done for the cable guy.

Date: July 27, 2020