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From the 18eighteen Archives: Lacey


Enjoy this classic scene of Lacey from the movie 18eighteen Xtra 4.

She’s a frisky teen who tricks her sister’s boyfriend into coming over. His French accent makes her pussy drip, and in a matter of minutes he has his mouth on her nipples while peeling off her clothes.

We get close-up shots of Lacey’s head bobbing up and down on his cock. This guy returns the favor, licking and fingering her meaty twat. He slides his tool in while Lacey’s cotton panties are pulled to the side.

Frenchy pulls Lacey’s legs back so he can get in deep, and she doesn’t flinch. Her cum sticks to his shaft. Her tits, although tiny, jiggle while she gets pounded. Lacey is having a good time, and you will too with this timeless classic from our archives.

Date: July 31, 2020