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Fully Exposed


Smartphones are a perfect example of the wonders of technology. All the information in the world is in the palm of your hand. Everly thinks that’s cool and all, but she’d rather use her phone to take naked pictures of herself.

She starts off by pulling her cute B-cups out of the top of her shirt and smiling as her nips point straight at the camera. Next up she takes pics of her booty while it’s still covered up by panties. She pulls those cotton bloomers aside to get a few snaps of her butthole. This girl is bold!

The photo shoot is turning her on, so Everly gets down to business, stripping down and playing with her pussy.

She has a tight body and perky tits. Her pussy is shaved and her ass is round. We’re sure those photos she took are hot, but this video gives you the best glimpse of her body.

Date: November 7, 2020