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Have Fun and Cum


This scene opens with a stud coaching beautiful Diana for her first hardcore scene.

“Remember to have fun. Think you can handle that? And gotta remember to cum.”

“I can do that,” Diana replies.

“What do you like sexually?” the stud asks her.

Diana likes doggie and missionary. She says her nipples are a little sensitive, but her clit is more sensitive…in a good way.

The stud puts that to the test, licking her clit and meaty pussy. She is sensitive…and now she’s ready to fuck.

He starts off pounding her from behind, because who could resist the view of her perky, round ass? Then she gets on top for a juicy ride. Diana rolls over onto her back and again the stud tests her clit sensitivity by rubbing her clit while his cock is buried balls-deep in her pussy.

Diana had fun and she came. And you will too.

Date: July 21, 2020