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Lovely Little Kim


Lovely little Kim was listening to music while her boyfriend tinkered around with a camera he bought at a yard sale. “I kind of figured he’d want to take some pictures of me,” Kim told us. “I didn’t know he’d try to sneak pictures of my pussy from under my shorts! I decided it’d be easier if I just stripped.

“I’m a little self-conscious about my titties,” Kim confided in us. “I wish they were fuller and less puffy. I know some guys are into boobs that look like mine, but I want big, round D-cups. Then again, my guy can take my entire tit into his mouth when he’s fucking me. That’s a big turn on. The first time, he tried it as a joke, but it got me so wet, I demanded that he do it again the next time we had sex.

“I’ve never had full-on anal because I’m scared about it hurting, but the idea does intrigue me. I’ve only ever messed around back there when I masturbate, slipping a finger in when I’m close to cumming. It feels strange in a nice way.”

Date: December 1, 2020