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Nutflix and Chill


Netflix? More like Nutflix. That’s what it turns into when you watch a movie with Everly. Five minutes in and you’re massaging her. Then it’s not much longer before her clothes come off. Less than half way though the flick and that back massage has turned into your cock massaging the inside of her pussy.

That’s what happens in this scene. After some massaging and fingering action, Everly gets on her knees to deep-suck this guy to maximum hardness. Her spit looks like a chandelier dangling between her lips and the tip of his cock.

She gets on her back and spreads her legs. It’s the perfect position to admire her slender figure while this guy pumps her pussy. Her backside is just as nice as the front as she takes it doggie-style. Everly then climbs on top to give us ample views of her butthole as she slides her pussy up and down this guy’s turgid pole.

And to certify this as an official Nutflix scene, he sprays a big load all over Everly’s fresh face.

Date: November 19, 2020