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Too Close


Remi is a fair-skinned cutie with raven hair and wide blue eyes. Her dad’s friend is wary of getting too close to her, but that doesn’t stop Remi from trying. She reaches out and grabs his ass. He feigns shock.

This guy doesn’t put up much of a fight when Remi tells him she wants to fool around. Can’t say we blame him. He can pretend he’s on the guard, but he wants to fuck Remi as much as she wants to fuck him. A quick assurance that her dad won’t be home and this guy’s cock is in her mouth moments later.

Remi swallows him deep and slow with strands of spit dripping down her chin. Dad’s friend has Remi lie on her back as he cradles her head and kneels over her chest, using his hand to move her head up and down his cock. Soon her pussy is as hungry as her mouth, and she’s getting fucked while moaning and giggling.

Remi’s little tits jiggle as he thrusts into her. Her pussy glistens with girl cum. And her face drips with jizz as this guy sprays her.

Remi didn’t just make sure he got close. She made sure he finished too.

Date: October 1, 2020